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Do you think step by steps would be interesting for fractal artists? (something like THIS but with fractal art). Comment please =D 

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Pythagoras tree in Stucture Synth

Sat Mar 28, 2015, 9:00 PM by tatasz:icontatasz:

Fractal Art Week

In this tutorial, I will explain how to make simple Pythagoras trees in Structure Synth.

Getting started

You can learn what a Pythagoras Tree is here:…. A good example of this type of fractals is the work below:

What is a Fractal? by TaraRoys

Also check the basic Structure Synth commands here:…
I will explain the formulae and rules that will be used, but still it is useful to take a look at the basics.

Building a basic tree

The first step is to create the "trunc" rectangle:

    rule base{{s 0.1 1 0.1} box}
    {s 100 100 0.1 z -0.5 color grey } box

In the code above, the first line defines a rule called "base", which creates the red block which will be our trunk. The {s 0.1 1 0.1} defines the size of this block.

The second line draws a huge grey block that will be our background. I set quite a large size to it (100x100 and 0.1 unit thick). The z -0.5 command sets a shift of 0.1 on the z axis, so it is under our red block. The last command, color grey, sets the object color to grey.

Finally, third line executes the "base" rule, drawing the red block.

Untitled Drawing by tatasz

Now, the branches:

Untitled Drawing by tatasz

The left branch is a scaled down copy of the main "trunc", shifted and rotated. So you need a rule that takes the main red block, rotates it CCW, shifts it a bit left (x axis) and up (y axis) and scales it down a bit.

    rule base{{s 0.1 1 0.1} box}
    rule pythagoras {
    {x -0.25 y 0.9 rz 30 s 0.9}pythagoras

    {s 100 100 0.1 z -0.5 color grey } box

This is what the rule "pythagoras" does. Unlike the first rule, "base", this rule is recursive: on each step, it draws the base rule, and then a shifted (0.25 to left and 0.9 up), rotated (30 degrees CCW) and scaled down (0.9 of the original size) "pythagoras" rule:

X3 by tatasz

Thats one nice swirl, but a pythagoras tree branches in two on each iteration. The second branch is just a mirrored version of the first:

    rule base{{s 0.1 1 0.1} box}
    rule pythagoras {
    {x -0.25 y 0.9 rz 30 s 0.9}pythagoras
    {x 0.25 y 0.9 rz -30 s 0.9}pythagoras
    {s 100 100 0.1 z -1 color grey } box

The result looks like this:

X4 by tatasz

Now, time to experiment.
Try changing the rotation angle (make sure you change the shift too):

I2 by tatasz

Or set different rules for each branch:

I3 by tatasz

Or even add some crazy randomness:

If by tatasz


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